Informing and protecting Wellfleet homeowners in the National Seashore

Information For Homeowners

Below are some maps and other information that may be of interest to Wellfleet homeowners.

Local Agencies and Organizations

Wellfleet Town Home Page

Zoning and Seashore Regulations

2009 Seashore Zoning Regulations

Presentation By WNSHA on proposed changes in the definition of Site Coverage and what is allowable via a sliding scale to lot size

Attorney General letter approving the changes.

Environmental Protection

Wellfleet Conservation Commission's 2017 Environmental Protection Regulations for all wetlands, estuaries, ponds, etc.

Hazardous Waste & Water Quality Program guidelines to help you identify responsible and convenient disposal options. (Cape Cod Extension)


Wellfleet Tax Assessor Maps

Wellfleet Floodplains and Critical Infrastructure (Cape Cod Commission, 2003)

FEMA Flood Map Service Center